Find answers to questions about our services, pricing, values and other interesting facts.

If you don’t find your answers here, reach out; we’re happy to help.


How do I start?

Reach out to us; to Reserve a Conversation book a discovery conversation. Or you can Write to us. Additionally, we have other contact options if you are on a mobile device. Let’s bring your vision to life together!

How do I schedule a conversation?

You can easily schedule a conversation with us at a time convenient for you on our calendar or by clicking the “Reserve a Conversation” button you can find throughout our website.


What services do you offer?

We provide Book, Content, and Web Design primarily focused on authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Do you offer custom packages?

We design individualized solutions for your specific goal. Whether you’re looking for a book cover, editing, interior design, comprehensive visual designs, a captivating website, or something else, come and talk to us. We’re always learning new ways to do things.

Are you available for small projects?

We love projects, big or small. Do you need minor edits, website updates, a cover design, or a logo refresh? Call us today to see how we can help.

What do you offer for events?

We use creativity and technology to provide you with a standout experience for virtual or in-person events. We are wizards at creating event flyers and banners that make your event unforgettable!

Do you have printing services?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer printing services of our own; however, we can collaborate with your printer if required.

How do you adapt to technology and design changes?

We pay attention to evolving trends, ensuring we are up-to-date, and delivering innovative solutions to meet contemporary needs. Additionally, we dedicate ourselves to exploring and learning.


How do you start a project?

Our first step is to have a discovery conversation with you to understand what you need

What is your work style?

We are client-centric, engaging you in a collaborative, creative process that combines creativity, technology, and your vision to develop your solution. And therefore, we value your input and will never move forward without your approval.

Who do you work with?

We partner primarily with authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, however, we’re open to anyone who needs our help. Let us be your creative partner, and together we’ll take your business to new heights.

What industries do you have experience with?

We successfully work with industries across assorted sectors. Additionally,  Our versatility allows us to serve a diverse clientele.

Do you work with global clients?

We love global collaboration and partnering with clients from around the world. Boundaries do not exist today, as technology gives us the ability to connect and collaborate. However, we require payment in US dollars and that you transfer to PayPal or our Canadian bank account.

Do you give me the copyright?

SHYUI owns the copyright as creators of the work; however, in our contract, we give you 100% ownership, retaining moral rights, which in Canada are the right of:

  • anonymity—remaining anonymous or adopting a pseudonym;
  • integrity—preventing distortion, mutilation, or modification of the work;
  • association—receiving credit for the work and the rights to use the work in our portfolio and for our marketing.

To learn more, see the Canadian Intellectual Property Office – Guide to Copyright

What is your approach to confidentiality?

Rest assured; your confidentiality is a top priority. We honour your trust in us. As well, we will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) if required.  Please let us know your specific timelines for delivery and when we can showcase the work in our portfolio or use it for marketing as soon as you know.

Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity?

Absolutely! Let us know when we start your project that you require a Certificate of Authenticity, and when the final solution is delivered, we’ll include the certificate with all the source details for the work created for you.



Do you provide proposals with a quote?

We believe in transparency, so every proposal we create comes with a detailed quote. We assess your project requirements and provide a comprehensive breakdown of the scope, timeline, deliverables, and costs.

Is signing a contract necessary?

Yes, a signed contract protects both parties and provides a clear understanding of the project scope, timelines, deliverables, and payment terms. Therefore, our contracts protect you and us from scope creep, late payments, disputes, and payment defaults, providing peace of mind.

Are you transparent about the cost?

For small projects, we have a fixed price, but for larger, more complicated work, we have different pricing options to work with you and your budget. For more information, view the WEALTH SAVINGS page.

Do you charge for extras?

While our initial quote covers the standard project scope, extra costs may apply in certain situations:

  •  Licensing Assets: Some projects require licenses for fonts, images, or assets only used in your work; we pass these costs on to you. This is standard and discussed upfront.
  • Rush Jobs: Expedited projects are subject to a 25% service charge.
  • Holiday Work: Will have associated fees.
    What is your pricing philosophy?

    We believe in transparent, flexible, and fair pricing. Our high-quality solutions justify your investment. We deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations while working within your budget. Therefore, with our pricing options, you receive the best solution for your budget. You can trust SHYUI to provide you with affordable creativity.


    What is your pricing structure?

    Our pricing varies depending on the complexity, timeline, technology used, word count, etc. We offer project-based pricing, word rates, slide rates, or flat rates, depending on the service provided.


    What makes SHYUI unique?

    We pay meticulous attention to client satisfaction and personalized project management, using cutting-edge technology and creative expertise to deliver innovative solutions that align our success with your success.

    Why should I choose SHYUI?

    We have a whole page on Why Choose SHYUI. However, in a nutshell, we’re a perfect marriage of creativity and technology with decades of global experience. Furthermore, we’re dedicated to your success. Work with us once, and you’ll stay for life!

    What are SHYUI’s core values?

    Our core values include client-centricity, authenticity, integrity, innovation, and collaboration.  Therefore, you will find these values represented in every aspect of our work.

    What are the 6 Ps of WOW?

    The 6 Ps of WOW—Perfect, Personal, Polite, Predictable, Proactive, and Proficient—are principles we use to enhance our client interactions, making them exceptional and memorable. Clients love WOW service; we can teach you how to do this for your business.