Custom Solutions, Personalized Pricing
Your Concept, Our Expertise

SHYUI Specializes in One-of-a-Kind Exclusive Products
with Flexible Rates & Efficient Services for Your Specific Needs.


Everyone, including SHYUI, appreciates getting the most value from our money. Our pricing, just like your vision, is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all. Moreover, when you partner with SHYUI, you can expect an exceptional experience that exceeds your expectations and, also, provides you with wealth savings, adding to your success.

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“If You’re Saving, You’re Succeeding.”

Steve Burkholder

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We start by getting a clear understanding of what you need. This step is crucial; therefore, your active participation ensures we deliver the results you want.


We value your ideas and feedback, encouraging open and prompt communication. Timely responses on both sides keep your project on schedule, preventing unnecessary delays or extra costs.


Your success is important to us. We design innovative solutions to fit your budget, consistently delivering what we promise and exceeding expectations.


Designed to Maximize Your investment


Explore our approach, reflecting our dedication to excellence in value, efficiency, and transparency, ensuring your success and satisfaction.

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Complimentary Consultation: Defines project scope, pricing, and timelines.

Complete Understanding: Ensures satisfaction by knowing your needs.

Transparency: Proactively addressing potential issues to prevent disputes or cancellations.

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Signed Contract: Is required before we begin work.

Contract Coverage: Includes work schedule, project scope, fees, ownership, confidentialtiy, termination and standard terms and conditions.


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Licensing: Exclusive rights to fonts, images, or assets.

Late Submissions: Overtime rates for meeting fixed delivery dates.

Holidays: Billing at overtime rates for holiday work.

Revisions: Additional fees for requests beyond contract terms.

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Deposit: Non-refundable deposits secure projects in our queue.

Currency: Our preferred payment is US dollars.

Payments: We offer payment options.

Invoicing: We provide updated invoices after each payment.

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Before Concept Approval: May incur a fee for setup expenses.

After Concept Approval: We do not provide refunds.

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Final Payment: We deliver upon receiving the last payment.

Collaboration: We work with your production vendors.

Acceptance: Sign an acceptance for completed work.

Testimonial: Share a testimony about your experience with us.

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Your Rights: You own your final deliverables.

Formats Provided: We provide PDF and other standard formats.

Our Rights: We have moral rights (credit attribution, portfolio use).

Non-Deliverable Work: Intellectual Property of SHYUI.


Inactive Status: Will occur when you don’t contact us for 30 days.

Legal Rights: You cannot legally use our watermarked work.

Start-up Fee: This fee secures your place in our queue.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds for inactive projects.



Design Contests: We do not participate in design contests.

Submissions: We will submit bids and share work samples.

Portfolio: Our website showcases our portfolio; you can see selected client work in WINS.


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“Quality means doing
it right when no one is looking.”

Henry Ford

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SHYUI is committed to making your vision a reality.
Let’s create something extraordinary together!

We look forward to working with you.
We believe you will love what we create!