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SHUYI will help you plan and/or execute your Campaign Strategy so you effectively communicate who you are and what you do with innovative ideas to naturally inspire, accurately inform and captivate your intended audience with your branding.  SHYUI Brings to Life, Your Visual Concepts for: • Book Covers • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Banners • Retractable Event Banners • Sales Flyers and Pricing Brochures • Graphics for Social Media Posts • Workshop and/or Webinar Presentations


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Want to Write your Book or Create a Multi-Author Collaboration? Need an Editor or a Ghostwriter? SHYUI ensures your content effectively tells the world who you are and what you do.

EDIT STAGES – Content, Copy and Proof

Content Edit – Writing Correctness
SHYUI’s Content Edit looks at the conceptual intent of your content and the style, tone, and writing quality. The results provide you with advice on adding, moving, deleting, or rewriting content.

Content Edit asks Questions like:
• How is it structured and organized?
• Does it make logical sense and flow well?
• How clear are your ideas?
• How easy is it to understand?

Copy Edit – Grammar, Punctuation, and Polish
SHYUI’s Copy Edit looks at grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, spelling, word choices, and language clearness. We read line by line, polishing to improve readability, ensuring the 5 C’s of language, clarity, correct, concise, consistent, and comprehensible are met. This edit requires you to read and approve.

Copy Edit asks Questions like:
• Are you using active voice?
• Is your writing clear, consistent, and succinct?
• Is your grammar and punctuation correct?
• Is your language and style suitable?

Proof Edit – Cosmetic Errors
SHYUI’s Proof Edit is the final edit before publishing. This edit ensures all the required elements are included and are technically correct. Your approval is required for completion.

Proof Edit asks Questions like:
• Are there cosmetic mistakes?
• Are there typos, spelling, or punctuation errors?
• Is the formatted style correct and consistent?
• Does the content match the Table of Contents?


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Have content to share, but don’t have the time, don’t know how, or don’t want to write it? Let SHYUI bring your content to life using your ideas and/or research to produce first-class professional writing.

SHYUI writes blogs, emails, reports, e-books, books, manuals, presentations, online courses, reports, scripts, speeches, web or marketing copy, and any other kind of writing you might need. We like small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, alternative living, personal development, technology, software development, spirituality, environment, activism, finance, entertainment, and other areas of interest.

Co-Author Collaboration
SHYUI provides complete management of your collaborative book and/or series with comprehensive design and development services.

We manage your co-authors and vendors, design your book cover and event banner, edit and format to print-ready for both e-book and paperback, design awards and certificates, and anything else you might require. 

We provide Welcome Letter’s, Biography Templates, Author’s Guidelines with project timelines, responsibilities, photo requirements, additional SHYUI Design services such as ghostwriting, and a custom Gmail address for contact information.



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Book Interior
A Book is a Proven Marketing Tool for Your Business. How it Looks is Important.SHYUI will format your print book using:
• Custom Layouts using Industry Standards
• Your Choice of Fonts and Presentation Styles
• Unique ISBN and Correct Front/Back Matter
• Print-Ready PDF for Amazon and Printer

SHYUI will format your e-book using:
• Amazon’s KDP Guidelines
• Flowable format
• Clickable Table of Contents
• Embedded Links and Images

We will upload to Amazon and/or your Print Shop on request for a nominal charge.

Looking for a new converting site or a refresh of an existing site?  SHYUI builds Custom sites to help you Achieve Your Business Goals.

• User-Friendly Modern Look
• Responsive – Displays well on all devices
• Call Me & WhatsApp Me Mobile Linking
• Privacy, Terms & Conditions, 404 error
• SEO for Google Ranking
• Call To Action – Email List builder
• Custom Contact and Blog Post forms

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